F.A. Nino’s Artisan Products

I came across products by a locally owned and operated company called F.A. Nino’s Artisan Products produced in Petaluma,California at a nearby Safeway Store in Napa county.  Chuck called out to me and asked if I would like to sample some of his BBQ  Sauces, Dry Rub Spices, and or Hot Sauce made by the “Godfather of Sauce.”    Usually, I don’t sample products unless I know they are Organic, Grass-fed, Non-GMO, and No MSG added.  So of course, I was good to go since F.A. Nino’s Artisan Products are 100% natural.

There are many different BBQ sauces and basically tastes somewhat the same to me.  Most are made either very sweet or overwhelmingly hot.  Of course I tried to make my own, but it just wasn’t the same.  One of my favorites was Guy Fieri Kansas City BBQ Sauce, as it was smoky and sweet.  This sauce worked nicely with a pulled pork sandwich. Yet, I think I’ve changed to a new sauce.

With all of that in mind, we began to talk about wine country with Sonoma County and Napa County wineries and breweries.  They have great pairing events and more my kind of fun.  Seems Chuck and I happen to envision the Longboard Syrah with a ribeye steak topped with gorgonzola and a touch of  F.A. Nino’s Fire Red Hot Sauce for a rich, savory, and a slightly spicy kick butt dinner.  Not to mention, I paired my Longboard Syrah excellently with the Red Pepper sauce and seafood combo at Sports Cafe’ in San Francisco.

Ok, ok… salivating for some yummy food since I tried F.A. Nino’s Citrus-Herb Dry Rub on a tortilla chip.  Even on a tortilla chip, this rub was special. It would totally be great with my Turkey, Chicken, or even a Cod fish.  The spices in this blend was not only savory, citrusy, and a tad sweet, it lended itself to be paired with almost anything, including eggs or a Bloody Maria (my favorite cocktail with Tequila instead of Vodka)!  Same goes for the Jamaican Dry Rub as it reminded me of BBQ Potato Chips and with these flavors I could see pairing with a Cowboy Cut Pork Chop and an apple compote.

Something unique with a bottle of Lagunitas Little Sumpin Sumpin Ale and juicy pork ribs is what?  Well, of course using some F.A. Nino’s Beer BQ sauce to dip those ribs in before they are devoured.  This particular sauce is made with some of that yummy beer!  Hey, there is another sauce called F.A. Nino’s Holy Moly, which is made with some of Lagunitas Censored Ale.  Either BBQ sauce is essential to the best tasting, finger licking good ribs.  Mmmm, the Censored Ale is a dark copper amber ale with sweet citrus and floral notes that I love.

Go visit with Chuck and Frank as you’ll love their tacos and other tasty morsels.  Tell them Lisa sent ya!!

F.A. Nino’s Artisan Products Tasting Room is located just across the freeway from Lagunitas Brewing Company at 1370 Industrial Ave. Suite D, Petaluma, CA 94952.  (707) 338-1772.  Their website is faninos.com .