Barrel Tastings in Sonoma County 2017 -A Diamond in the Barn… Mietz Cellars

I came to this winery back in 2004 and discovered their 2003 Mietz Cellars Pinot Noir.  Although still young, this pinot was earthy and well balanced.  I had this bottle during Thanksgiving (2004) and then I remember opening a bottle a few years later and it had even more life than the first time I tasted it.  I found this old dark barn to be quaint and their cheese spread at the back table lended this mom and pop winery a place to look forward to from that time onward.

Keith and Nancy were very hospitable and although production was small, their wines were fabulous.  Their 2007 Claret out of the barrel was a lovely bouquet on the nose and had promise.  Fast foward to 2013 Wine Road Barrel Tastings and the 2014 Claret was complex for this well blended red bordeaux.  I loved it!  My 2015 visit proved to be simply amazing when Keith opened a 22 years old Merlot.  Some of you may or may not know about their Merlot vineyard on the property.  I thought I went to heaven.  The 1993 Merlot was smooth, luscious, creamy to my palate.  I stayed for more than an hour and devoured my special find of a Merlot.  If you know me, you would know that I usually lay my bottles down for some time before sharing with others. This year 2017, I was fascinated with another blend, the 2013 Obscura with its rare blend of Zinfandel and Carignan.  Not only am I a Zinfandel fan, especially in Sonoma Valley, I’m a true Carignan fan (first tasted with August Briggs in Napa County).  I paired my Obscura with lamb, a yummy combination.

The beautiful light ruby colored next to the Obscura was the 2016 Mietz Cellars Blush Sangiovese Rose.  This wine enriches my heart as I met Alexa, Keith and Nancy’s daughter who was expecting her first child.  One of my favorite varietals is the Sangiovese because of my passion for Italian dishes.  What a gem!  Okay, I’m partial to Rubies as well.  I’ve tried many a Rose’ made with different grapes, I loved the strong strawberry and spice on my palate.  It was paired with goat cheese, fig preserves and a touch of white peach basalmic vinegar..See you all soon, I’m getting hungry!