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Lisa Yee, an ambitious entreprenuer of wines, beers, spirits and foods girl.  Yup, you read it right!  My first experience in the Napa/Sonoma wine country dates back to 2005 and after working with a winery in American Canyon.  My homework every night was to try different wines each night and write about my experience.  From that time on, I was hooked into pairing wines with my cooking, then with dishes that were in restaurants, hospitality parties, and all sorts of spirits and or food events.  I wanted to network with winemakers and I wanted to see what made them tick.  I wanted to taste what they thought they tasted and blend with what I thought wine together with food should taste like.  Later,  I was introduced to breweries, bbq’s, hops, etc.  So what paired well with white wines, red wines, rose’, bordeaux blends, sweet wines?  Are there spirits/beverages that worked well with my happy hour morsels??

My inspiration has always been my love for my children. By nature, my passion has always been cooking or baking for my family.  After trying beverages of these concoctions made by the winemakers, the chefs, and brew meisters , I began to feel and taste the stories they were trying to convey in their inventions.  The ingredients used to make these foods, paired with the blending of different grapes or hops, all were explained in the first few sips and or bites.  My research led me to my travels.  “Come fly with me”  as stewardesses use to say and find out what I discover wherever I go.

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